Birth Certificate Issue Resurfaces

The Greely Gazette’s Jack Minor reports on something much of the media seems afraid to say anything meaningful about.Obama’s birth certificate.

The problem is pretty simple. According to the Constitution, a President must be a “Natural Born American.” According to most State laws, the President’s campaign committee must certify their candidate is a Natural Born American; a person whose birthing cry was made on American soil.

There is a great deal of doubt that the Constitutional requirement has been satisfied. The Clinton Campaign reported Barack H. Obama was born in Kenya in 2007. Obama’s grandmother has never been further from home than Nairobi, and is on record as stating she was in the room when Obama was born. Kenya’s legislature is on record that Obama was born in Nairobi. Most of Africa believes Obama is a native African.

To make matters worse, the requirement that the candidate be properly certified to the States has not been met. In a very curious move, the Democratic National Committee certified Obama’s status as a natural born citizen to just one state. Hawaii. The other fifty states received what amounted to a statement of qualification without the certification.

All this could be cleared up in a very short period of time for a very small amount of money. Possibly as little as fifteen minutes and fifty dollars. All that would be necessary would be for Obama to release his birth certificate for public inspection. His real birth certificate, not the many clumsy forgeries that have appeared on the internet.

Instead, in the three plus years since Hilary Clinton first questioned Obama’s citizenship, someone, presumably Barack H. Obama, spent 100 million dollars during the campaign to obfuscate the issue. Plus another thirty to fifty million dollars since Obama took office. Plus fifteen to thirty million a year to continue the charade.

If this keeps up, the Obama Campaign Committee will eventually spend real money trying to keep an important matter a very deep, dark, secret.

All this is essentially incomprehensible. If I were asked, I would whip a certified copy of my birth certificate out of the filing cabinet and hand it to the questioner. If the questioner wanted to check with the State, I would write questioners a letter relinquishing all rights to privacy. While the details would vary, almost everyone else would do likewise. Only those with something to hide would play “beat around the bush” as Obama has done.

So what’s the deal. Did Stanley Ann Dunham Obama actually hang a moniker like Barbara Baylee Beatriz Berenice Bethany Bonnie on Barry? Does Barrys birth certificate say he was born in 1978? Is the birth certificate the “short form” denoting a birth outside the US to an American Citizen?

Or is Barry just the shy one? All of these are possible. But the longer this goes on and the more money Obama and the Dims spend on a coverup, the less credible any lawful or reasonable explanation becomes.


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