Hawaii Reporter: “Gov. Neil Abercrombie Has Utterly Failed To Prove Obama Was Born In Hawaii”

The Hawaii Reporter says Governor Abercrombie has failed to demonstrate Barack Obama was born in the United States.

Briefly quoting the Reporter news item: “It is incumbent upon Obama to remove all doubts, once and for all, and release his original birth certificate. That`s something that contrary to Obama apologists, he’s yet to do. The original Obama birth certificate with the name of the hospital and the doctor, his or her signature, the infant`s weight, and the national origin of the parents has NEVER been made public. Obama has only released a short-term copy of a “certificate of live birth.”

True. And there are grave suspicions that the “certificate of live birth” is not an official document, but a forgery. Because if Barack H. Obama was born in Hawaii, there’s no reason to spend more than the cost of a certified copy of his birth certificate to demonstrate that fact. A faxed release to the Hawaiian authorities, and a reporter with the price of a copy in his hand would be all it would take to put an end to this situation.

But instead of settling the question for once and for all, the Obama Campaign keeps on spending, and spending and spending, to avoid resolving the question. That does not make sense for a man with nothing to hide.


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