France Sending Aid To Libyan Rebels

I see France has evacuated it’s nationals from Libya and is sending aid to rebel held Benghazi. The Chinese have nearly evacuated 30,000 Chinese citizens, under the watchful eye of a People’s Navy guided missile cruiser. Turkey has just about wrapped up getting it’s citizens out. England has built landing strips in the desert to fly stranded Brits out of Libya.

The United States? The red phone rang at three AM, and Obama, weary from another “Motown Night at the White House” groggily answered the bell. And here’s what the bedbug in the White House bedroom heard:

“Whazzat again, Hilary?”

“Americans stranded in Libya? Where’s Libya?”

“OK, send them a boat. But get the lowest bidder.”

“Good night to you too, Hilary.”

So what is the US doing? Obama has threatened to use force. Uh huh. Instead of evacuating US citizens, he’s threatening to use force.

So guess who gets Libyan oil? Uh huh. Britain, France, Turkey, China. Everyone but us.

It would be really nice to have a Party Less President.


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