Pi Day, March 14

Tomorrow, March 14, is pi Day. Pi, as everyone knows, are not square.

Pi are the ratio between the diameter and circumference of a circle. Which is by definition, round.

It is funny how things stick with you. My service serial number. My M1’s serial number. Ted Williams lifetime batting average. Rita Hayworth’s bra size. Pi.

While pi (or Pi if you prefer) has been calculated to a few hundred thousand decimal places, fourteen decimal places is sufficient to calculate the equatorial diameter of the Earth to a millionth of a millimeter. Close enough for anyone’s work. At least until someone builds a micrometer that will actually measure the diameter of the Earth.

Back when I was trotting from archeology class to the engineering labs, my EE professor insisted the class learn pi to fourteen places. I have not needed that level of accuracy in the almost sixty years since I learned pi is approximately;


I am glad to see pi is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Even if some of the Goreans, the “global warmists,” still use 3 = pi * in their computer models lookup tables.

Funny people, warmists.


While I am on the subject, here is a question from the engineering lab. Suppose you had a string that laid exactly on the surface completely around the Earth at the equator. The length of the string is immaterial. But suppose you add exactly three feet to the length of the string. How high would a string one earth’s circumference plus three feet stand off the surface? (Ground, sea, lake, whatever is also immaterial.)


* Hmm. WordPress does not take alt + number characters. Not for pi at any rate.

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