OK, those who have stuck with me through the political discussion deserve to find out what I started to say in the first place. But first, let me refer you to Clinton’s Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich’s, blog for September 21. 2009. I suggest you read the original HERE

But for the moment, this excerpt will do. Reich asks, “Why the Dow is Hitting 10,000 Even When Consumers Can’t Buy And Business Cries “Socialism” He continues with:

“So how can the Dow Jones Industrial Average be flirting with 10,000 when consumers, who make up 70 percent of the economy, have had to cut way back on buying because they have no money? Jobs continue to disappear. One out of six Americans is either unemployed or underemployed. Homes can no longer function as piggy banks because they’re worth almost a third less than they were two years ago. And for the first time in more than a decade, Americans are now having to pay down their debts and start to save.”

Reich goes on to state the obvious. People HAVE been forced to reduce their spending. So the government has stepped in to take the place of the people. But just as in 1930, the government does not have enough money to continue this charade indefinitely. So that economic invasion is doomed to failure. That failure results in the sort of economic catastrophe called a “Depression.” But that’s not the point.

I would like you to read Reich’s essay for one reason. Reich does not get it. The situation Reich describes has a name. A name Reich either cannot understand or does not recognize. The name is not Socialism. It is Fascism. American Fascism.

And Fascism has a disastrous economic track record. As I mentioned before, Mussolini essentially invented that curious hybrid of private ownership of the means of production, but State control of production and distribution. The State controlled what was made, how much was made, and where it went.

“Central control of the economy” has been tried many times, and in many places. It has not succeeded in raising the standard of living for anyone other than those doing the controlling. Instead, the pages of history books are littered with States that have failed because of “socialism” and its embedded control of their economy.

The Democrats are leading the charge to inject public money into the economy. As such, the Democrats are now the primary exponents of Fascism. Whether or not the Democrats succeed depends on the will of the American People to resist.

It will be the worse for everyone if the will of the People falters.


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