No Mention Of Political Affilation, So Alvarez Is A Democrat

Miami’s Mayor Carlos Alverez has been ousted in a recall election. The margin was 88% for recall to 12% for Alvarez to retain office; out of 204,500 votes cast.

I have looked at this Associated Press item from A to Izzard, and I find no mention of Alverez political affiliation. Since the AP does not list political affiliation for Dimmos who are ousted, Alvarez is obviously a Democrat. If he were something else, his party affiliation would be listed at least three times a paragraph.


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2 Responses to No Mention Of Political Affilation, So Alvarez Is A Democrat

  1. ROBERT JAMES says:

    Stranger: Carlos Alvarez is a Republican. Why are associates wrong all of the time?

  2. Stranger says:

    The Associated Press is wrong all the time because the AP is are wrong all the time. Probably because of an innate bias toward policies promulgated by the most extreme segments of the political left.

    Regardless of his purported political affiliation, Carlos Alvarez was ousted after a number of actions, including tax hikes, pay raises, support for gun bans, and other actions that are typical of Democrats generally. “By their works you shall know them,” and by Alvarez works he is a soul brother to Harry Reid.


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