Since my political party ran off and left me, I have watched both major political parties, the Democrats and the RINO’s, pretty carefully.

I see a that poll of potential Republican presidential candidates has Governor Palin out in front by 3 to 1 or so. OK, Palin 41%, Romney 13%, Petraeus 12%, Conde Rice 8%, and a dozen or so also rans. Naturally, my rankings are a bit different.

Among the also rans are Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and Mississippi’s Haley Barbour. I get to watch those two governors in action every day.

An immigrant’s son, Jindal labors under the disadvantage of having the third largest mess in the US to deal with, behind the Federal Gummitup and Kalifornia. Jindal is a high order organizer and he’s A1 and rock solid on the issues that matter to me. Starting with some words on paper called the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Barbour also has a difficult row to hoe. A former RNC chairman, Barbour’s political headaches are not quite as great as Jindal’s, but Mississippi is a curiosity, a Democratic State that usually votes Republican in national elections.

At the moment, the Democratic legislative majority seem to want to spend a billion or two the state does not have and cannot legally borrow. Barbour is doing a masterful job of holding the inmates demands for even more spending down. And they absolutely hate that!

Either of these relatively obscure governors would do a good job in the White House. Starting with turning the thermostat down to less than orchid plantation levels. So yes, they are in my top three for the moment.

An active hunter rounds out my leaders. Governor Palin gave a speech in Hong Kong this week. The word from friends who were there is that a couple of big time US Obama supporters got their panties in a wad somewhere around the thirty second mark and walked out.

But the Governor gave a rip roaring early campaign speech that convinced the Chinese that she would make a formidable President. And convinced almost all of the business people in the audience that the United States would be back, sooner rather than later, with her at the helm.

Of course, the Lady is one of us. She is a hunter, she is a shooter, and moose is what’s for lunch at the Palin house. So, yes, I would vote for Palin. Either as the Prez or the Vice. Because she is not one to be an ornament instead of an asset.

Petraeus? Obviously, a good man in a fight. But I don’t know enough about David Petraeus political leanings to have an opinion. Not at this point, at any rate. For all I can tell, Petraeus may be on the same page as Norman Schwartzkopf when it comes to the Second Amendment. But he’s still on the list.

Condeleezza Rice? A smart, tough, and sometimes funny lady who seems to have done far better at Foggy Bottom than either her predecessor or successor. I think she’s on our side, but I would like to hear more. I would not scratch her off my list, either.

Mitt Romney. Two items. Romney Care has bankrupted Massachusetts, and Mitt seems proud of it. We ARE Taxed Enough Now. Then there is the second item. Romney did nothing to relax Massachusetts draconian gun laws, and the high crime rate shows it.

For my jitney, Romney is another of those pols who like to give lip service to the Second Amendment around election time – and talk about how dangerous allowing people to have guns is the rest of the time. We already have any, I don’t think we would care for some.

And that’s today’s rundown of domestic politicians for the evening. Since I have been up since 3:00 in the Ack Emma, CDT, I think I will stand in the rain locker a while and then find a bed.


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