Sixty five years ago, the AM radio in my heap picked up no talk radio. Besides static, the morning started with Don McNeil’s Breakfast Club, continued with Arthur Godfrey, then the inevitable soaps such as “John’s Other Wife,” and evenings were the property of “Queen for a Day” and the children’s shows.

Before eleven, the networks were the place to be. When the soaps started most men tuned to the loudest DeeJay, who usually played a mix of music. Like this, guaranteed to make you hungry on that long stretch of Route 66, between Elk City and Amarillo – where there were plenty of wide spots in the road, but not much to eat:

Of course, every DJ had their own taste in music. Many of the DJ’s became performance artists in their own right. Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys were favorites of many:

If I was lucky I got to T-Town just in time to wash up and hit the Ballroom. And swing a few ladies and listen to Bob and the band, Eee Haw!


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