“I Am Offended Is Another Way To Say “Shut Up”

The Chicago Sun Times says the mother of a murder victim “is offended at the idea of concealed weapons.

Briefly quoting the Sun Times item: Mary Kay Mace said “I get offended when people say that. It’s like blaming the victim. If only she had a gun . . . or if she had outrun the bullets.”

“To me, it’s crazy to have everybody carrying concealed,” Mace said.

That ignores a few facts that Ms. Mace and other gun banners like to forget. Starting with what happens to violent crime rates after a substantial percentage of the people start carrying. It also ignores everything we know about active killers.

There is no doubt at all that Ms. Mace’s daughter was murdered by an active killer. “Out of the blue” Stephen Kazmierczak killed five people in a Northern Illinois College classroom, and then killed himself.

That is typical of “active killers.” In this case Kazmierczak seems to have been trying to understand his own lethal urges. The same urges that finally overpowered him, and resulted in the deaths of five innocent victims.

Of course, we know about active killers. The proper response to an active killer is prompt and effective resistance on the part of the killers intended victims. The best preventative for an active killer is the certain knowledge that an attack will result in prompt and effective resistance. That is why active killers seek out classrooms and other “gun free zones” – and avoid firing ranges.

It will be tragic if Ms. Mace allows the death of her daughter to help stop concealed carry in Illinois. In a very real sense, if the most effective means of preventing mass murders is stopped in the Illinois Legislature, Ryanne Mace will truly have died in vain.


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