What brought on that Yogi-ism? Making the round of blogs this evening I was reminded of replacing a pair of water cooled finals in a 12 megacycle short wave transmitter over a half century ago.

The idiot who plumbed it in started at the “tetrodes with handles” and put not a single union between the transmitter housing and the circulating water pump. And the primitive air cooling went out when I pulled the juice to the 18KV power supply for the transmitter. But the fifty bux I was paid was equal to $400 in Obama’s microbux. Maybe more, since it paid for our first ‘fridge, with enough left to fill it up with groceries.

Today, I was visiting with a buddy whose transmitter was a bit down on power. So he located the bad module, replaced it, and DTV is back up to full coverage. It took about as long to do it as tell about it. Gates makes nice transmitters.

I wish I could say the same of the people who built this 5000 Amp, 4 Volt switching supply I am working on. I know what the problem is – I just cannot figure out a way to get to it! Same thing. No unions in the busses.


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