It Would Be Amusing, If It Were Not So Serious

As quite a number people are well aware, I have been pointing at Asian soot as serious trouble for the Arctic for almost twenty years. Since June, 1993, in fact. I came to that conclusion by noting three factors; the Clinton Administration’s insistence on shipping American industry to Asia; the absolute lack of pollution regulation in China; and the way the prevailing winds blow.

Then, I did almost everything except stand on my head and kick to bring attention to the problem. Now, it finally seems someone at NOAA has noticed.

Briefly quoting the KTVU item linked above: “An international research team is in the land of snow and ice, in search of soot. Though the Arctic is often pictured as a vast white wasteland, scientists believe a thin layer of soot – mostly invisible – is causing it to absorb more heat.”

Of course it is. But these “scientists” still believe the propaganda instead of their perfectly honest thermometers. The propaganda says the Arctic should be warming so they say the Arctic is warming. The propaganda says Arctic ice is melting, so they say Arctic ice is melting. So let’s look at today’s snapshot of Arctic ice extent from the IJIS website:

The red line is 2011’s ice extent. One major factor in keeping sea ice extent at the lower end of the “satellite age normal range” has been an unusually severe amount of Asian pollution. That lowered the freezing point of seawater enough to keep Arctic ice extent down. But sea ice extent this year is not unusually low.

The other major factor is the Gulf Stream. Here is a snapshot of NOAA’s ROTFS North Atlantic Surface Temperature forecast. The Gulf Stream is in light blue:

In the past, the Gulf Stream has started off South America and made a continuous track around the Gulf of Mexico, looped around Florida and gone up our Atlantic Coast to the Gaspe peninsula and then take a right turn toward Europe.

Now you can see the start of that river in the ocean as a blue patch off northeastern South America. You can see a very compact “gyre” in the Gulf. But instead of a smooth track north and northeast, you see a great many eddies.

If you watch the linked site for some time, you will see masses of warm water get as far north as Baffin Island, and “make a left turn at Greenland.” The result is an immense amount of heat dumped in the Arctic.

Why? The sun has decided to take a vacation. Hopefully, this will be another Dalton Minimum; or at worst a Maunder Minimum. But we have no guarantee of that. It is possible that we could be looking at the start of the next ice age.


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