‘Bam Releases Birth Certificate. Now We Can See What The Fuss Is About

President Obama has released his birth certificate, and now we can all see what the fuss is about. And, as I pretty much expected, it is “hidden in plain sight.”

The father is Barack H. Obama, “African,” of Kenya. Under Kenyan law, that makes Obama a citizen of Kenya. Under US law, that makes him a citizen of the United States. Putatively, Obama was adopted in Indonesia, making him a citizen of Indonesia. But that is not the question. The question is whether or no Barack H. Obama is a “Natural Born Citizen” and therefore eligible to be President under our Constitution.

And, as I pretty much expected, the reason for hiding the original birth certificate is “hidden in plain sight.” To the Founders, citizenship was the fathers right to confer. Under the Founders view of International Law, Obama is a citizen of his father’s country, not his mothers.

Therefore, Citizen of Kenya Barack H. Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen, and not eligible to be President.

Of course, Obama’s apologists and supporters are trying to head this off, citing an obscure 15th Century English case, and arguing that since much of America’s laws are adapted from England’s Constitution and English Common Law, this case “proves Obama is a Natural Born citizen.”

Unfortunately for that argument, England has no Constitution. It’s Constitution is whatever the Monarch, or now Parliament, chooses to do. The Founders chose a written Constitution. A written Constitution based largely on the 1750 work, “The Law Of Nations,” by De Vattel. A Constitution only slightly adapted to the needs of a Republic, instead of a Sovereign.


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