The Media Is Gloating

A preacher predicted “the day of rapture” for the umpty umpth time. It did not happen. Of course it did not happen. The Book says “no man knows the day nor the hour,” so predicting that is a foreordained miss. But the media is gloating.

The “godless media” wants to claim there is no Heaven or Hell. And no Judgement, or anything else. Well, that’s a falseable statement.

In scientific terms – a falseable statement is an unproven statement taken on faith. And everyone will find out the truth of falsity of all the statements. If the media is correct, none of us will ever know.

Personally, I expect to report for Judgement, click my heels smartly, and report for reassignment. Hopefully with a millennia or two of R&R in Fiddlers Green. But we shall see.


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