A Judge Talked About Obama This Morning

I see Barack Obama has apologized to the family of a Medal Of Honor recipient for conveying the impression that he was still alive.

Obama’s name came up while I was drinking coffee with a local judge this morning. The Judge’s former partnership is interviewing for a new member, since the Judge can no longer practice law.

One of the candidates was a student of Obama while he was a teaching assistant at the University of Chicago. That candidate told the Judge’s former partner his experience in Obama’s class.

Obama’s instructions were seldom clear, and many of the students came to class unprepared. This irritated Obama. One day, that irritation came to a head as Obama erupted in class.

“Ok, I want every dummy in this class to stand up,” Obama said to his class.

Everyone was still for a long moment, until a student in the back of the room stood up.

“Oh, you are a dummy, are you?” Obama asked.

“Not really, sir, but I thought you looked silly standing all by yourself.”


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