Patriotic Songs For The Fourth – From When I Came From

This July Second, 2011, let me post a few appropriate songs. Starting with one of the greatest voices in American music, Kate Smith:

This is a favorite of mine, and my father said it was my grandfathers favorite song during the time he wore the Blue of the Union Volunteers. He was only fourteen old and small for his age when he “took Lincoln’s penny,” the $300 “bounty” for those who “signed their life away.” Since he was a regimental standard bearer, it was probably a good thing he was scared “‘oot o’ his grawth.” It gave the Rebs less to shoot at:

And here is another favorite of Yank and Reb alike. Although the words were somewhat different south of Mason and Dixon’s line:

But the Rebs did not particularly care for this song. Despite the title, it was never a hymn. It was a song of warriors, marching to battle:


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