Plato And The Courtesan

A very old story has it that Plato was explaining his Republic to a Courtesan. After Plato talked for some time, the Courtesan interrupted with a question.

“All of that sounds very well, Philosopher,” said the lady of the court.”But if a Republic is all you say it is, who will do the work?”

“Oh, lady, we shall all have slaves.”

While the story is probably apocryphal, it reminds me a great deal of the “progressives” currently running the media and much of the government.

They want their “new and improved” society in which they will get free health care, free housing, a fat “transfer payment” from the government, and all the other amenities. But they do not want to exert themselves getting their wants satisfied. The progressives want someone else to do all the work, while they and their clients reap the benefits.

And if you are like I am, we are both much like the punch line in that classic comedy skit from Archie Campbell.

“And that leaves me and you, Brother, and I’m gettin’ tired of doing it all my myself.”


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