To A Young Man, On The Deficit

Despite your conviction that the Republicans are responsible for the soaring Federal debt, the facts say that the deficit is a Dimmocratic Deficit. Those who created it include Christopher Dodd, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank. Along with a supporting cast of more than 50 Senators and 220 Congress-creatures.

Including Senator and now president Obama. And for those who want to see what Barack H. Oh-man has done to send the deficit soaring, click here.

Right now, every American man, woman, and yes, you, young man, owes a $31,781.00 chunk of the Federal debt. Those who add up the cost of spending bills say that of that, Democrats and RINO’s are responsible for $31,138.90. Republicans are responsible for a tolerable $642.90. Here is what every new born child, currently owes, and will owe if this out of control spending is not curbed.

What the Oh-man and his tax and blow Dimmos are doing is precisely as if you jacked your credit card limit to a million dollars, and told Mastercard to send the bill to the newborn babe next door. Except the living cannot begin to pay for the debt the Dimmos are running up. The babe next door’s great grandchildren will still be paying on that debt.

It’s time to stop the handouts. Because I am very tired of being taxed so someone else can “share my wealth.” I earned the money I put up to start a business. I put up the cash and took the risk with money I worked very hard to earn.

Despite the Oh-man’s opinion that any extra money I have laying around belongs to the government, I am entitled to enjoy at least some of it.


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