Extranos Alley: CBS Attacks Gun, Proves OUR Point

Historically, and hysterically, anti0gun CBS is out to kill gun rights again, but interviewing Chicago residents who prove our point about Chicago’s violent crime problem.

Of course, there are NO gun dealers in Chicagto, and the City is suing its suburbs for allowing lawful gun sales. Chicago’s problem is a hellish combination of corruption, pols linked to the mob and vetted by Chicago’s more than 800 criminal gangs that control the city. Chicago’s guns are “street guns, bought for pennies on the dollar from a gun trafficker who deals in stolen guns.

One of the gang members interviewed showed off a MAC-10 semiautomatic pisot,banned by the 1993 Assault Weapons ban. “Fifty shots, right there,” he told CBS.

Another man was asked whey they had guns. “Ain’t no jobs, crime is all there is.”

What about putting down the guns? ” CBS asked.

“Maybe someday, not any time soon,” was the response.

The simple fact is that the very people who deal out t worst of the violence would give almost anything to have a job, a place to call home, and the other things a regular job would bring.

But Chicago’s “Red Schoolhouses” teach few if any salable skills, the jobs have long left for less corrupt places,and jobs for most young Chicago men are about as common as finding a mint Alexandrian age Greek State in your change.

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Extranos Alley: Death By Socialism

Investigative reporter John Stossel hears a few words ab out Socialism Socialism is supposed to be about making sure everyone gets their fa fair share,through Sate control of manufacture and distribution of goods and services. In reality, Socialim, nd Fascism, Communism Falaggeism (Francoism, Peronism, Cavisimo, or any of the other schemes that have taken the freedom of the masses while putting their wealth in the bosses pockets.

In this video, John Stossel interviews two people who watched Communism taqke over and tell enough so the inquiring observer, watching with a strangers eye, can determine what wen on – and what is likely to go on,now that a rigged election has made Chavez handpicked successor Dictador for life:

Like almost all the other 8,000 plus forms of socialism, Venizuela’s first open move to control the subjects lives to the smallest detail was gun control. As was the Soviet Union’s similar moves, Italy’s Fascism, Spains Falangism,Argentina’s Peronism, and so on.

And all of them took power by convincing a major portion of the public tghey were poor and abused, deserving of free food, free health care, and free indoctrination. What the people got was worthless fiat money, e, small quantities of basic foods,and a few changes shoddy “seat covers.” And a ride.

As many Venezuelans have already found out, a one way ride to a labor camp, whwere one man is often called upon to do the work of one horse.


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Extranos Alley: What Is “Gun Violence” About?

When you hear someone expound on “gun violence” the probability that violence is to criminal on criminal disputs is 63%.

In order, and assuming the ratio of relationships between killer and victim are the same among the 38% of murders that are never solved by arre3st are the same as the relationships in the 62 percent “solved by arrest Lare a result of domestic violence. ”

88 percent of gun murders, and 63 percent of all murders involve individuals who are either partners or rivals in a criminal enterprise.

18 percent of all murdes result from arguments within the victim’s extended family.

9 percent of all murders re committed during a crime against a person who is not a member of the victim’s extended family.

7 percent of all murders, and

4 percent of all murders have no known cause, or are stranger murders.

Remembering that these are estimates derived from the FBI Uniform crime report and a variety of studies, and are therefore approximate, with a 5% margin of error, anytr, it is still clear that the overwhelming majority of “gun violence” is between working criminals of one sort of another.

Since recent studies find that less than one working criminal in 100 has ever tried to buy a gun from a legitimate source, the legal gun trade draws very few criminals.


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Extranos Alley: Ga. Mother Of 3 Kills Home Invader

A Marietta, mother of three reacted when a home invader thretened to kill her children.

When the mother was forced into the room where the three children were being held and the home invader threatened her children, the lady grabbed her own gun and opened fire.

“It was him or me, and I ain’t going,” the victim said.

There are a number of curious features about the case, including the nearly 12 hour grilling given the lady of the houswe, so click on over and be fully informed. La Casa will be here when you clic back.

For our part, the lady deserves high praise for protecting herself and her children – and for making Marietta measurably safer by removing a cirminal from its streets.


UPDATE: The Patch reports a second suspect is in custody in this case.



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Extranos Alley: FEMA’s Back!

The most important weather news that FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is back and prepared for the hurricanes that are a major part of FEMA’s mission.

Just after Iauguration day 2009 a major ice storm stretching from Arkansas to Virginia hit. FEMA was notable 0 for its absence.

Last January, just after Inauguration Day 2017, my neighborhood was almost totally destroyed by a tornado. If FEMA was a bit slow to respond, they got here with bells on when they did get here.

And now President Trump says FEMA is back to full strength and ready to resp;ond to earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other emergencies. Something that the Democrat’s non-0response to Hurricane Sandy demonstrates is badly needed.

And also on the a check of the tropics shows the
Atlantic is as slick as a plastic Easter egg. And off west Africa, the breeding ground for tropical cyclones, is unusually cool. All good things.


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Extranos Alley: “Gun Violence Is Out Of Hand,”

The Lancaster S.C. reports ‘gun violence is out of hand.’

But click on over and then click on the video as a Law Enforcement Officer, I presume the Sheriff, tells it like it is.

“The people throughout the county who are causing the problem shouldn’t have guns to begin with. They are not of age, the guns we are recovering are stolen, and that’s a problem in itself.”

Roger that! most of our gun related problems ahave gun theft and gun trafficking at their roots. A trafficked police caliber handgun, fully loaded, currently goes for less than $150 on the street – and three to five times that at a gun dealers. And the trail of that gun has a hole between the citizen it was purchased from, and the riminal who bought it off trafficker.

Yet if Law Enforcement Agencies arrest a trafficker, prosecutors usually treat the crimes much like swiping a handful of bubble gum from the jug at the Mom and Pop’s.

Gun theft is a serious crime, and should be treated seriously. Starting with penalties commensurate with the seriousness of the crimes committed with trafficked guns.


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Extranos Alley: The Reason Is Revealed!

Comcast has has laid bare the reason for the big like that gun sales are “plummeting.”

For background, since last November, the Fake News HQ’s have been printing stories about “gun sales falling. In reality, we have a good handle on the relationship between criminal background checks and new gun sales is early in 2001, when the ATF released gun production numbers that could be compared to NICS numbers.

Over that period, new gun “transfers” generally total very close to .668 percent of NICS checks performed.

And, looking at it is clear that the number of NICS checks lag only 2016,when gun dealers were selling everything but the lint in the counterman’s pockets as soon as something to sell arrived..

For the first 7 months of 2017, NICS checks totaled slightly more than 14,430,000 checks, indicative of a more than 16,000,000 new guns sold, and up to 4,000,000 used gun sales.

That is not “Plummeting.” From every indication, 2017 will mark the second best year in the history of gun production in the United States. Desirable guns are still in very short supply, and international testing of our president and our national resolve have made guns and ammunition likely to be in short supply for years to come.

But like the rest of the Fake News industry, Comcast has weighted in with an article designed to drive the price of a gunmaker’s haares down.

And to a certain extent the purveyors of fake news are succeeding.

However, if you click on the lin immediately above, and take notice that yesterday is at the left side of th echart, one year ago on the right, you will see that release of Ruger’s Second quarter 2017 results have sharply increased share prices. And in this case defeated Comcast’s plot to render gun maker’s shares worthless.


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Extranos Alley: Vote Fraud In California

Judicial Watch has warned California that 11 counties have more registered voters than that 11 of the State’s 62 counties have more registered voters than voting age citizens.

Briefly quoting the Breitbart report linked above:

Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, has sent a letter to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on behalf of the Election Integrity Project, noting that there are 11 counties in the state with more registered voters, and alleging that the state may be out of compliance with Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

While I cannot help a satisfied chuckle, since I have been warning of the situation for decades, the situation is not unusual in areas subject to Democratic Partei misrule. An astonishing number of counties in this state have more registered voters of residents of any age.

We are all entitled to one vote in every election for public officials in a political subdivision we are a citizen of. We are not entitled to more than one vote, we are not entitled to multiple those who rule us are not empowered to cast votes in our name nor count votes for non-existent but registered “voters.”

Further, under no circumstances are non-citizens allowed to vote. California violates all the rules, just as it violates gun rights.

Good on Judicial Watch for looking at this gross violation of our laws, and on Breitbart for bringing the news.


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Extranos Hurricane Watch FOR 5 August, 2017

There is a fading hurricane off Baja, but the Atlantic shows up as smooth as a newborn’s behind. In addition, the wide area of yellow off West Africa indicates the eastern Atlantic is cooling, something that ordiariliy starts in September.

Checking the ARctic ice melt, I see the hiatus is definitely ended, and the melt is at a rate normal for the date.

Speaking of Artctic sea ce extent, the 4 August reading was 6,331,000 square kilometers, and declining more slowly that it did two short weeks ago.

Further south, a large cell is warming the Medeterranian area, meaning it woiuld be easy to work up a sweat in Madrid or rome, while London “sizzled at 688F, 28C, and other Continental temperatures seem a bit lower than the long term mean.

Wide areas of Asia seem to be below normal for 5 Sugust, with 20’s where I expected high 30’s C,, that is, we have reports in the low 70’s were I expect mid to high 90’s in Fahreheit degrees.

And we have some hot spots that seem to be getting an inodrdinate amount of attention, but they are below the normal highs for the date so no worries. Not yet.

Bottom line? This old world is still spinning on its axle, and I am sure that some priest stood on the temple steps 10,000 years ago and predicted the end of rhe world. would come tomorrow.

Different names and different temples, but the aim is the same. Money. To get some.But today, the pleas is “Send your moneth to Gadd-uh, so He can continue this important work. My address is

Shads of XERA, the voice of Del Rio…


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Extranos Alley Twilight Sermon

And considering my aggravation when the Alely went down for a second time, and on a second ISP, that probably is a good thing.

I will be bac in the wee hours checking the news for something more accurate than Fake News HQ?Cable’s fable tghat President Trump is killing gun sales:

That a New York Congressman wants to ban Hawaii’s right to ban guns, which is the same as saying Hawaii’s right to a third to third world crime rates:

And of course FakeNews DC’s incessant call for higher crime rates for the District.

All of those news items have people behind the article. People who totally ignore the total failure of more than 57,725 of the restrictive gun laws that have already failed – without a single success. People who neither know nor care tghat gun control was a necessary precursor to the murder of atg least 262 million innocents during the 20th Century alone.

People who paid no attention to the abject and bloody series of failures that is gun control. People who did not care enough to do a thrity second check on “results of gun control.

Uninformed people, whose world view does not approach the tragic reality, that gun control was a necessary precursor to the murder of at least 262 million innocent people by their own government.

If we are to enjoy the sort of crime free society the millennial’s grat grandfather five times removed did, where only one person in 130,000 was murdered, 50 in 100,ooo were either robbed, sexually assaulted, or assaulted with deadly weapon, we must work to repeal the laws drove our murder official murder rate to as high as 100,000 and our violent crime rates to as high as 1,840 per 100,000. The laws that all of the above want to tighten and extend.

It has been and will continue to be a hard fight – but the result will be well worth the effort tit takes.


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