The World’s Murder Rate?

A McKeesport URL came by searching for “world murder rate 2017.”

First of all, 2017 is only a dozen days more than four months old, and data comes in slowly; particularly from certain tightly controlled areas of the world. Te latest complete dataset we a have is from November, 2015.

If that will do, increasing urbanization and gun control assoicatged with the sprad of Socialism continues to force murder rates up. Our latest dataset puts a world rate of 15 per 100,000 population well within the margin of error, but the center rate is not quite there yet. The young lady who drives the computer doing the heavy work estimates the rate will reach 15 in 2018, but that is not certain.

Our calculated ending rate for 2015 is

14.88 per 100,000.


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OT: Aetna Suffers Massive Losses, Ends Obamacare Participation

Well, today’s top news story seems to be Aetna’s expected withdrawal from the obamacare “exchange” market. There can be no “exchange” with only one participant, and that participants fortunes are unlikely to fare well under the conditions Obmacare imposes.

Of course, Congress is having a difficult time manning up and replacing the abomination with something less abominable. They control essentially one fifth of the American economy through Obamacare, and none of the Democrats want to give up power. But talking to several doctors with small practices gives me this approximate breakdown of your healthcare dollar.

Imagine we have one dollar in small change, and call it a “healthcare dollar.” Of that….
5 cents goes for the industry’ss “bloated profits.”

4 cents goes to pay taxes of one sort or another, laving us with 91 cents.

23 cents goes to to pay the actual costs of healthcare, leaving us with 68 cents of our healthcare dollar.

68 cents goes to mandated procedures and record keeping.

Bringing down the cost of health care is not rocket science. Go talk to the doctors who must scrimp and save every possible penny to survive how to fix health care. Ask the psychiatrists who are leaving the mental health care industry to conduct M’naughton rules intervies via Skype to make a living. Ask the doctors who take home less than the data entry clerk who help keep the massive records government demands.

Have a friendly chat with insurance company execs about what happens if the .gov keeps demanding ever increasing numbers of mandatory procedures.

And then fix the problem, Congress.


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Today’s To Gun Control News Was Tuesday’s News

Today’s top five gun control headlines are all agitprop about the tragic death of a prominent gun writer and editor earlier this week. Our late friend left a Facebook post that amounts to a suicide note stating essentially that he was not brave, and essentially cursing his inability to cope, and the banners have gone out of their way to use this tragedy.

A tragedy whose proximate cause was stress beyond that man’s ability to cope. No more, and no less.

That is, I am told, the second most common cause of suicide. The attack on sanity must stop, and since the attack is internal, there is only one viable solution.

We have long known gun control fanatics are unreasonable. You can preset them with more factual information to get a new analgesic approved, far more than enough to prove beyond any possibility of doubt that gun control does not do what they claim it does, and they will call you that the benefits of gun control outweigh any minor adverse effects, call you a liar for inventing such obviously incorrect information, and get back on their soapbox.

Now they have proven themselves both heartless and shameless They are a disgrace to the human race, feeding on death and misery. They are not merely shameless, they are depraved.


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Bloomberg’s Gun Banners Demand Sky High Crime rates

The Illinois Review reports Bloomberg’s bgun banners are demanding reinstatement of laws that made Illinois one of the most violent States.

The culprit was an evil combination of the entertainment industry’s Firearms Owners ID system, with a campaign that began in 1964 and ended in 1968, The Federal Gun Control Act of 1968,which took effect very late in that year, various local, State, and Federalgun laws, principally mobster and alderman Fred Roti’s total gun ban of 1982.

Here is what gun control has done to Chicago, turning a city with a homicide rate of 8 to one with a thrid world typ rate as high as 47.

And now Bloomberg’s gun banners, drunk on ten million dollars a month in funding, want some othe the hair of the dog that bit Illionois and Chicago. More gun control.

Hopefully, sanity will carry the day, and Bloomberg’s money will not pay for laws that result in more murder.

But it may if we fail to get out and f fight, and fight some more.


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New Media Meme: “Assault Rifles Piling Up In Gun Dealers:

I have browsed gun shops in almost 50 States, and have yet to see ab assault rifle in a dealers stock. I have been to gun shows over the Southeast and seen exactly two, both M015’s priced at $15,000. / And both with a sign saying you must have your Federal Permit to buy before you can examine these guns. As a result, I do not believe assault rifles are pilig up on dealers shelves.

And while I have been rather close to home recently, I do not see any great numbers of Sport Utility Rifles in gun shops.

for the time being I will have to put that down as an unfounded rumor, Later, if contrary information comes in, I will post about it. But for the time being, it is just some more media crud.


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Felony Convictions And Gun Rights

A Buffalo, New York URL says I support felons retaining gun rights. Evidently I have been less than sufficiently clear in discussing the subject of felons and gun rights.

I the law were written with real world experience in mind, instead of the diseased fantasy of some power mad lawmaker, I would have no objection to a subset of felons, the violent, losing their gun rights permanently and without recourse.

As it is, “That Ass, the Law” bars the young woman who picks up a molted eagle feather at the zoo in the same category as a James Egan Holmes. That is, a lady who picks up a discarded feather is a violent criminal, just like a mass murderer, in the eyes of the law.

That situation is unfair and unjust. Dame Justice becomes the handmaiden of the bigot.

Running the numbers clearly shows ending the current scheme of losing gun rights for trivial or even inadvertent crimes does far more harm to society as a w allowing anyone with th eprice to purchase, possess, and carry a gun.

Since the object is to get America’s crime rates down to where the were before gun control reared its ugly head, logic forces me to support repeal of any measures stripping gun rights all convicted felons.

If I could be President and Congress for a day, I would strop gun rights from those convicted of an act of violence, and from those two or more felony convictions handed down in separate cases.


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“Breaking Down The Gun Control Death Total”

“Clara” asks if I can break down the number of deaths resulting from gun control.”

Up to a point, yes.

Researchers have identified mass murder programs enabled by gun controls, for the most part gun and gun owner registration at 262 million during the 20th Century.

There have been another fifteen million, almost a million a year, in the 21st Century bringing the total to 277 million. 37 million have died as a result of criminal activity resulting from the citizens inability to defend themselves against criminal predation.

And another 11 million have died in protests against oppressive governments empowered by gun bans or very restrictive gun controls.

That makes a total of 262 + 15 _42 +11 millions or 3329 million innocents killed as a result of restrictive gun laws since 1 January 1900.


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Report: Banners Flocking To Make Points On Bob Owens Death

There are several reports that gun control figures have rushed to make brownie points propagandizing Bob Owens tragic death.

That bunch reminds me of working in a feed store for tuition money. Late one afternoon the Blunt brothers came in for a load of feed, wrangling about some point of maximizing weight gain with cheap feed. All at once Will Blunt broke with “I know hogs, I was raised with hogs, and I know what I am talking about.”

Tom backed off, cocked his head to one side and said “Yeah, and you ain’t never got above your raisin’ either.”

But you cannot expect much from someone who takes money to promote laws that have resulted in the violent deaths of almost a third of a billion innocent humans in 117 years appear to me suffer from a shortage of ethical values.

Wo, while I am saddened by their response, I am not in any way surprised.


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Venezuela: Maduro Has Tear Gas, Protesters Have !!!!

The Guardian, reports protests in Venezuela are becoming more and more violent.

The Guardian supported Hugo Chavez’ gun bans, and now the people are starving, and have no effective means of driving their oppressors from power. As a result, Reuters reports the situation has taken a rather earthy turn. Briefly quoting the Reuters report linked above:

The new tactic has been dubbed the “poopootov” in a play on the Molotov cocktail often seen at streets protests in Venezuela.

“They have gas; we have excrement,” reads an image floating around social media to advertise Wednesday’s “Shit March”.

The tactic has historical precedent, but it has not been highly successful. I suspect the suffering people would be more successful if they shut “Went Galt,” and shut down the distribution of imported goods, which stillgoes to the wealthy.


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NY ANTIS Urging Tighter Gun Control

WBNG reports reports Empire State ANTI-Party pols are urging more restrictive gun laws along with “tighter background checks.”

That would be in line with with the platform Hillary Rodham ran on in 2016, which essentially called for a Soviet style system in which anyone could apply for a gun permit – but most of those who applied got a free trip to Siberia., and a berth in a combination work and extermination camp called a gulag.

Briefly quoting the WBNG report linked above:

The conference on Tuesday touted a package of bills aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of children, people who have committed hate crimes and those repeatedly threatening others in domestic violence situations.

And yes, we have seen it all before. Each of these abominations has been imposed on the most law abiding segments of society around the world, and sent crime, violence, and fatal firearms accident rates soaring. But Democrats, whose borrow,print,tax and blow policies have destroyed public confidence in our people’s future, and whose restrictive gun laws have done this to our once comparatively low crime rates:

Seem constitutionally unable to heed the warning of 57,604 failed gun laws without a single success.

It is time for Congress to face reality and preempt the murderous State and local laws the ANTI-Party have imposed on a people with a RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

Just as it is time for a Constitutional Convention to separate the militia clause from the “Keep and bear arms” clause of the Bill of Rights, and make the sole Right given in the Bill of Rights to be absolute – and require one year’s military training for all high school graduates, and lifetime membership in the organized militia – as the Founders intended.


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