Today Is “Kill Who You Want To Day” in Baltimore

That was the headline I was looking at when the Alley \stopped responding, but II suspect the headline was was some cub’s take on this story.

AT any rate, the biggest news is that the Supreme Court may take a look at Gun Ban O’Malley’s gun laws. An appeals court judge upheld that law, but Democratic nominees are no longer a majority of the Court.

In other news, Rep Chris Collins (R-NY) Federal preemption bill is getting the most stories, mostly boohooing about losing their “right to ban guns.” A right that cannot exist, given the way the Second Amendment is written.


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Well, Drat, The Alley Is Down Again

The last time the hosting installed a new server, and suddenly the Alley was too beg for the server. And their only solution was a private server.

Now we have another s ISP – and the server is down. If this keeps up I will have to repurpose one of the Alley on that.


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The Question Is Not Whether We Are Ready, But Whether We Can

I see the Daily News asks whether we are ready to pay for ‘free’ health care.

There are some EU contries where doctors earn less than nurses, and must do like the rest of the peasants, sleep four to a two room apartment. But even there, health care is not “free,” since the taxes that pay for it amount to 57 percent of a minimum wage earner’s income. In a country where over half those who are employed are minimum wage workers.

In our case, nine years ago ran on the premise that health care, at an average of 8,000 a family, was too dar high. In a country where mean family income was $41,000, health insurance an affordable annual deduction was $7,700, and the mean income after taxes and insurance more than $26,000.

Today, Obamacare, which has many doctors waiting rooms almost empty because no one can afford the annual deduction, costs the typical family $16,000,one way or another. Usually by reducing salary as employers take money from payroll to pay for “benefits.” Which are of no benefit at all except in case of catastrophic accident or illness becase few can afford the deductable.

So while employers wage costs have increased sharply, mean family income is down to $38,000; and families must bear the cost of health care because they have only catastrophic illness insurance. And while many of the new doctors who came here so they would not have to seep between two families with crying babies fight like a man fighting fire to help their patients, health care has suffered greatly.

And much of our patient care is give by foreign doctors whose language skills vis a vis their patients is about the same as a veterinarian talking symptoms with a goldfish. Yes, I a sure than Dr.’s Mohammad, Dzuss, Novak, Butterbum, and all the rest of those doctors are fine folks – “Dr. D” is from Sarajevo and has much of interest to convey. If you speak his language. Or can “get along” in German.

So instead of costing two trillion a year, health care now costs three, and is headed for six trillion in the latter part of the next decade. Six trillion, out of an economy estimated to amount to $18 trillion in 2007 dollars by 2024.

So the cost of health care will hav gone from one seventh of Gross National Product to one third of Gross National Product, in 16 years. With disastrous results for health care and Americans standard of living.

The question is not whether or not we are ready to pay for “free health care,” but whether we CAN pay for “free” Socialized medicine.

And as the numbers come in showing those of who ran the numbers in 2008 were correct, it is increasingly clear that we cannot.


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The Alley Is Back, sol Look For New Posts At Extranos

And check back here from time to time for new Casa posts.


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Amusing: “This President Appointed James Comey

Researching videos for another post – if the media irritates me enough – I was amused to come across one of MSNBC’s jabbering heads who has seemingly forgotten a nonentity named Obama.

“This President appointed James Comey to head the FBI, and when James Comey investigated the links between the the Russians and this President got too close, this President fired hi.

Well, that pretty much proves my many comments about NBC, and particularly the MSNBC specialize in unimaginative fiction. To bigin with,the president when Comey’s nomination was ratified was one Barack Hussein Obama.


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Officer Down, Suspect Thought To BE Surrounded

FOX News reports a Yell County, Arkansas wwas Deputy Sheriff was shot and killed today.

Briefly quoting the FOX report linked above:

olice said they would not yet release the identity of the suspect, but said he is inside a home in the area and that authorities are trying to make contact with him. They would not confirm reports that the suspect is holding hostages, but said two bodies were found outside the home, according to THV 11.

Our sympathy and our condolences go to the family of the murdered Officer, and our sympathy and sympathy to the people of Yell County who he served.

No human language can properly express the extent of their loss.


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Well, The Alley Took A Few Fist Steps From The Larger Quarters, We Will Be Back Soon!

For those with the experience, the Computer Scientist says getting the Alley back on track reminds her of all the stuff she left behind when she left Corporate and went back to Teaching.

It may be tomorrow or later – but the Alley will Return.


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FakeNewsHQ-NYC Touts Prohibitive Tax On Guns

I see the primary source of fake news in the Gotham area is touting the Federal Firearms Act of 1934 as “Gun Control That Works.”

Before I discuss FA34, let me point out that in 1934 a loaf of bread was seven to 10 cents. A soft drink was 5 cents, even the 16 ounce ones. A quart of milk was as cheap as a nickle. A new Chevrolet sedan was as little as $425.00 and a plate lunch with coffee, tea, or a soft drink and a dessert was fifty cents – with enough on the plate that many restaurants would not charge you if you could eat it all.

So in purchasing power, the factor that counts, the $200 “tranfer tax” for assault weapons was the equivalent of up to $8,000 in 2016 minibucks. So while that $200 transfer tax was prohibitively high in 1934, it is about the price of a couple of tickets to an off Broadway musical.

The ATF publication Firearms In commerce 2016 shows sales of has risen from $666,000 to $32,462,000 in 2015. Since the tax has not changed, that is a 48 times increase in the number of “destructive devices, fully automatic firearms and sound suppressors, in just 30 years.

While FA34 achieved its stated purpose of killing sales of “tommy guns and silencers” in 1934, the devaluation of the dollar has a lot more Americans reaching for their checkbook.

So, did the Firearms Act of 1934 reduce the use of fully automatic weapons to commit crimes. NO, it emphatically did not.

Repeal or relaxation of Prohibition era gun laws sent homicide and violent crime rates falling in 1933, the end of Prohibition, as you can see in the chart taken from FBI data immediately below3.

Fully automatic weapons never contributed more than 50 murders a year to the total, and sound suppressors, miscalled “silencers,” were never a factor.

So, as usual, FAkeNewsHQNYC has not the first clue about what they are talki9ng about. All they seem to know is Marxism is good and everything else is bad.


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The Future Of The “Real 1911?”

Someone dropped by looking for “production plans for the real 1911.”

By real I assume he means a Connecticut produced Clt 1911. Colt has filed for bankruptcy, and is trying to auction assets later this year, preferably some time in August.

I assume there will be a purchaser who will move Colt’s assets to a plant in a gun friendly State and continue to manufacture Colt marked 1911 pattern handguns, and Colt’s extensive line of other firearms. Other than that assumption, I have absolutely no information.

Nor can I say that a 1911 marked Colt’s, El Camp Texas would qualify as a “real 1911 or not. New in box and NRA mint Colt firearms are likely to see a sharp appreciation in value. Those who have them should hang on to them.


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Odd: Red Bernie Supporter Wants To Bring Down Red Nancy

In an odd bit of news, FOX reports a backer of Red Bernie Sanders is determined to bring down Red Nancy Pelosi.

Bermont Senator and nominal Independent Red Bernie Sanders actually belongs to the Democratic Socialists of America, a cover group for the Communist Party USA. In fact, Sanders is the only Senator who admits DSA membership, although by their votes at least 25 Senators toe the DSA line.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi resigned her DSA membership when she became Speaker of the House in 2007, although she votes the straight DSA line virtually all the time.

Briefly quoting the FOX News report linked above:

Self-described “old straight white” guy Stephen Jaffe has joined the list of those trying to topple Democratic Party icon Nancy Pelosi.

It is not surprising that a member of the Depression Generation would think well of and support the politico-economic situation that currently holds almost half of humanity in misery and totalitarianism and reject the free enterprise system that has brought affluence and freedom to more humans than any other system.

Communism and its fraternal twin, Fascism, were heavily promoted up to the late 1940’s, and both Sanders and Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi, as well as Sanders California supporter, were certainly heavily exposed to that agitprop.

But it is surprising that a man of Sanders generation would talk about bringing down a ranking member of the DSA controlled Democratic Party. I have a very strong suspicion that we will hear much more of this in the future.


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