Shameless Gun Banners Use Bob Owens Death For Propaganda

Breitbart reports a ‘prominent’ gun banner and head of one of the three man agitprop outfits so beloved of the media, is using B ob Owens tragic death gpt [tp[ propaganda purposes.

Evidently Ma Hog raised that guy, out in the farrowing shed. But he will not be alone. You can bet your bottom dollar that Soos and Bloomberg’s gun banners have been working furiously all night on their next PR campaign.

Bob’s last message, on Facebook, indicated he had just met the irresistible force and could not cope. What that force might have been I cannot say, and would not if I could. But then, I was not raised by hogs.


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Montana’s Rob Quist Is A Banner who loves gun registration, but he tells you he will protect your gun rights

Montana’sRob Quist reminds me of Mississippi’s auto registration. I boiught a new ca in 1963, and did not get a title. I got a bill of sale. And at that time Mississippi had the lowest rate of auto theft in the United States.

Twpo years later I bought a second car for the wife, and paid for a title. At that time,1966, Mississippi had the highest rate of auto theft in the U.S. Titling cars has put hundreds of millions in the State cofferes, but it was sold on the basis of cutting car theft – and has failed miserably at that.

But to return to this Montana crawfish, he’s all for protecting your @A rights – with gun bans, gun registration, and the rest of the Democrats rogram. But here is what he is telling the public about his position on gun control:

And what’s wrong with registering guns? On the record, gun registration does nothing good whatsoever. But in the 20th Century, gun registration led to gun confiscation which le more than 262 million innocent people to extermination camps run by their own government. In addition, excess homicides resulting from gun controls cost an additional 42 million lives.

And what are the extermination camps Rob Quist glosses over?Extermination camps are places where they take people to be murdered:

And don’t ask me whether I trust the government.That depends on who runs that government.


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Of Course Chicago Gangs Have AP Bullets I cannot buy. They Are Priveleged

An in the Sparta Report informs us of the thrity year old news that Chicago gangs have Armor Piercing bullets.

Of course they do. The Chicago gangs are a priveleged class, dealing in high potency street drugs that often kill the user, stolen guns, many from our military and National Guard units, and almost anything else that is not red hot or bolted down.

They can get all the Armor Piercing ammunition they want – but I to jump through hoops to buy new production AP ammunition.

Further, the use of the term “cop killer bullets” is offensive. We lost the son of a family friend to a couple of cop killers Congressman Mario Biaggi and NBC taught how to kill cops.

Yes, Chicago’s gangs are special. They approve or turn thumbs down on Alderman and Maoral candidates, have approximately a five percent conviction rate for gang bangers brought to triral, and might as well run the State, since the Legislature seems interested only in protecting them.

It is time for the Federal Government to step in,preempt al State and local gun laws, and investigate how someone can be elected Alderman on a shoestring, join the Board of Alderman without two dimes to rub together,and two years later hae a million dollars in asserts.. Acquired on an Alderman’s salary.



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President Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

Multiple News reports have it taht President Donald J. Trump has fired FBI Director James Details are scanty but the fakenesmedia is already talking impeachment and bringing up Watergate.

The Mail seems to do the least b iased on Comey’s termination, at this link.

Since what I know is essentially what I surmise, I see a man who tride to “serve two masters, and paid the usual price. But that is a surmise and not an informed assessment.


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“Does Gun Control Legislation Impact Violent crime?”

Someone with a Springfield, Massachusetts URL asks if “restrictive gun laws impact violent crime?” That depends on what you mean by “impact.”

Rirst, those of us who contribute to Extranos Alley, Polite Society, and temproarily to Casa Extrano have more than 130 years of combined experience searching out restrictive gun laws. We have found 57,604 such laws, but of those, not a single law has been followed by an actgual reduction in crime, no one has been made safer, and political assassinations show a surge after the imposition of gun controls.

So yes, gun controls have an impact on violent crime, but it is not something any sane person would want.

On the other hand, permissive gun laws requiring citizens to own, purchase, or carry a gun DO reduce cirme, make the law abiding safer, and my reduce the incidence of political assassinations. So permissive gun laws,reverse gun controls, do have a desirably impactg in violent crime.

So here in the real world, restrictive gun laws are very undesira ble, while permissive gun laws are very desira ble.


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Noted: Seattle’s Rabidly Anti Gun Mayor Drops Reelection Bid

Various news sources report Seattle’s rabidly ANTI mayor has dropped his bid for another term over scandalous accusations about his past.

Given Murray’s persistent search for power, such as his two cent an ounce tax on soft drinks, and other people control measures typical of gun control freaks, I w am glad to see him retire from the race.


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Three or four decades ago the media started touting salt as the universal poison. Salt your food, and you will die an early death from heat disease, stroke,or every other disease know to man.

A few years ago, I pointed to the historical record from times when salt was the King’s primary source of revenue, and most peasants could not afford the salt tax. And when the punishment for obtaining the King’s salt was death. Even if t you scraped up salt rich dirt.

But it was hard for a man to watch his wife waste away for lack of salt, In the earlier stages the symptoms include weakness, nausea and vomiting, extreme fatigue, headaches, irritability, confusion, inability to concentrate, and terrible wrenching muscle craps. In the later stgages, the symptoms are much like Alzheimers, along with severe wasting away. And all from the lack of salt.

And someone who probably never cracked a book on nutrition wrote a book advocating throwing the salt shaker away, and the “progressives” swallowed it, hook line and sinker.

A decade ago, British researchers talked to historians, and suddenly salt was a necessary element in a balanced diet. And the death rate from aneurysms land other circulatory system problems fell.

Well, it seems the New York Times might finally have gotten the word.

The operative word is ‘Might.” Dietary salt is science, and the New York Times is anti-science,so U do not expect much. Even after all thge lives tha MEDIA OUITLET’S BAD ADVICE HAS COST OVER THE YEARS.

So go ahead and add a little salt to your diet. And if your blood pressure rises? Salt makes your circulatory system stronger and more resilient, so a small increase will probably not be a problem. But the cause is probably your kidneys not removing enough water from your blood. The health food stores have some expensive herbs that are touted for lowering blood pressure bu\ but ask your doc for the diuretic called HCTC\Z. It is a lot cheaper than the juice of organically grown and hand pressed celery stalks, and works the same way every time.

And forget the no salt people. Next thing you know they will be telling you that if you smear that 1/8th ounce pat of butter on your bread you will be dead before the week’s out.

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That is a pretty doe, click on the link to see what she does!



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Report: President Trump Has Approved Weapons For Kurds

The Kurds are an Iranian people, with settlements spread over several countries of the Middle East. They are bonny fighters, ask for little beyond the right to rule themselves, and they are among the few friends we have in the Middle East. While it was not a secret why Obama refused to provide weapons to the sorely beset Kurds, caught between ISIS and the Turks that policy only prolonged the fighting in the area.

ABC News is a verify before you trust media outlet and I have not been able to independently verify an ABC report that President Donald J. Trump has decided to provide weapons to the Kurds.

IF TRUE, that would be very good news, since one should succor one’s friends – and if necessary help your enemy tail his ox out of the bog. z

Hopefully, there will be enough weapons so Kurdish snipers will not have to share rifles, and enough ammunition that a Kurdish combatant can waste a round from time to time.


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Report: Houston Now The Most Diverse Place In America

Thanks to a link Steve Bartom Mewsa;ert I see the report that Houston, Texas is the most diverse city in the United States.

The Los Angeles so reports, at any rate, so if the fact Houston has a wide variety of people interests you, click on over. And I will confine my remarks to things I can prove.

Diversity, particularly in the cramped confines of a city, results in friction. Just as a White Plymouth Rock will become the target for bullying in a flock of Rhode Island Reds, an Indian in a city comprised almost entirely of Paleface and Black residents will face discrimination and yes, bullying.

When New York City was a melting pot among melting pots, the crime rates were,for America in the “Gay 90’s” high. But several publications including Fosdick’s 1912 “Police Procedures” make it clear that by today’s standards Gotham’s crime rates were quite low.

Not as low as London’s, where it was rare to see someone who could not be your own cousin, but low by modern standards.

But for 2015, Houston had an honestly reported 2015 violent crime rate of just 967.03, and a homicide rate of 13.31, compared to the Poster City for gun control’s heavily edited 1,550, and homicide rate of 55.37 per 100,000.

The difference? Primarily, everyone living inside the he Houston city limits lives within an easy bike rid of a gun dealer. If they can pass the background check and have the money, they can leave the dealers with a gun?

But Maryland is apparently afraid of its citizens. They make guns less available, impede the purchase path, and ban some of the least used in firearms. And the people pay for it with their lives.


NB: Data is taken from from table 8 of the FBI Uniform Crime Report, and and calculated to two decimal places from the crime numbers divided by the populations in 100,000’s. i.e. a population of 2,214,000 is 11.140 blocks of 100,000 population.


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